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canvas seat covers for utes

Our tradies are our lifeblood, and Australia would probably come to a standstill without them! Most tradespeople, or “tradies” undoubtedly possess a ute. These people probably spend more time out and about in their utes than in their own homes, tending to our plumbing, electric, construction, carpentry and other needs. As such, no one knows better than tradies about the importance of protecting their ute’s seats with protective covers.

A tradie’s ute sees a significant amount of wear and tear. This is because not only are their vehicles filled with their tools, they also regularly work with paint, grease, dirt and grime, which can travel with them to their utes. This is a major reason why canvas covers for utes are so essential. The last thing a tradie needs to be worried about is having to clean their work clothes before stepping into their ute in order to protect their seats!

Custom vs universal ute covers

Universal ute covers are not designed especially for your vehicle. Each model is different, and the build of the seats will be different. More often than not, you’ll find that a universal cover that claims to fit over any seat will be too small, or too large or just generally be ill-fitting. Not only does this make your seats look sloppy, it can also be very uncomfortable to sit on a seat with a cover that keeps sliding from place to place. If the cover is too small, it may even tear, exposing your original ute seat.

Custom designed seat covers, like the ones at The Canvas Seat Cover Company are made to fit snugly over your existing seats. No more unsightly bunching of fabric, no more tears and snags from a cover that is too small, and no more seams coming loose. Just a well-fitting, comfortable and superior quality seat cover to protect your ute seats.

The Best Fabrics for Ute Seat Covers

The seat covers you choose for your utes will need to be water and UV resistant, easy to clean and maintain and durable. You don’t want your tools to scratch the material and make it look unsightly either, so our tear-resistant materials work best for tradies.

Our canvas covers for utes are available in several different options, from 12 and 8 ounce canvas of 525 and 394 GSM respectively, to our rip-stop canvas of 510 GSM. All of these types of canvas are made from a blend of polyester and cotton yarn and are highly water, rot, mildew and UV resistant and offer superior strength. Need even stronger protection? Check out our “workwear” range, manufactured in 12 ounce polycotton with high tenacity nylon in high wear areas.

Another material that is well-known for its strength and durability is denim. Think of the oldest pair of work pants you own. Do they date back at least 5 years? Have you worn them so often that they now feel like home? Is that the pair of pants you put on when you have any bit of painting or building to do around the house? Now take all of those traits and put them into a ute seat cover, and you have our denim range that is designed to last years and get better with use! If you’re on the lookout for a soft, gorgeous seat cover that is waterproof and durable, our 100% cotton yarn denim seat covers are for you.

Choose quality over price

Because your seat covers see so much wear and tear that you are forced to replace them every other year, you may be tempted to choose the cheapest possible cover and use it until it’s worn thin and then replace it with another. This can be a bad strategy, as cheap covers do not offer the same level of water and stain resistance as better quality ones. If you spill any water, it might seep through to the actual seat, causing mould and mildew growth. Stains that make it to your seats can affect the resale value of your ute, and getting the original seats reupholstered can often cost more than a couple thousand dollars, depending upon the build and make of your ute, the type of fabric you choose and the extent of the damage.

Never cut corners when it comes to protecting your ute seats. Not only will high-quality custom denim or canvas covers for utes last longer, they will also offer more protection to your seats, offering a significant return on investment. The better condition your ute is in when the time to sell comes around, the more resale value it will have and the higher you can charge for it.