Canvas Vs Leather: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing 4×4 Seat Covers

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4x4 Seat Covers

Custom car seat covers are types of protective fabric blanketing the original upholstery for aesthetics or preventing wear and tear. Today, there’s never a shortage of options to choose from when trying to change the look of your interior.

For instance, aside from canvas or leather, you also have:

·         Neoprene – The material is made of synthetic rubber, but it’s pretty uncomfortable and bulky. Also, it will damage the original material underneath, especially if you have leather upholstery.

·         Vinyl – Also called imitation leather, it’s waterproof, but the material is more brittle than genuine leather. So, steer clear of vinyl if you have small kids.

·         Denim – The material is durable, just like your pair of pants. The downside is that constant sun exposure will cause the fabric to fade. Also, the edges tend to sag over time.

For this article, however, we will stick to comparing canvas and leather 4×4 seat covers.

Custom Car Seat Covers: Leather

Leather car seats are usually the default upholstery offered by high-end 4×4 trucks. They give that premium finish, immediately enhancing the overall look of your vehicle. Leather is also quite durable and relatively easy to maintain.

The pros of picking leather 4×4 seat covers include:

● Looks upscale — Let’s face it, fine leather adds a little extravagance to your riding experience. Simply climb onto a truck with leather seats, and you will feel the difference. With that said, some manufacturers install its cheaper cousin, leatherette, to maintain the cost.

● Durable — Leather lasts quite a long time, but it does need to be appropriately maintained. For instance, you do not regularly leave it under the hot sun because it will speed up the material’s lifespan.

● Comfortable — With the right cushion, leather brings comfort up a notch. But better stay away from it when the truck has been baking under the sun for a long time because the material will burn your bum.

● Relatively easy to maintain — You must buy cream for optimum leather care to regularly nourish the material.

Disadvantages of Leather

● Costly — The premium feel comes with a cost, and leather is typically more expensive than other 4×4 seat covers. Also, the repair will come with a hefty price tag when you damage the material.

● Less grip — Your 4×4 truck seems a waste if you cannot take it off-road, and that’s when leather shows its apparent weakness. The smooth texture offers less grip, making it more difficult to find a comfortable position when you slide all around.

● Tricky to maintain — This is not contradictory to one of the advantages of leather being relatively easy to maintain. It is not difficult to keep if you know what you are doing. However, if you take your truck off-road, you expose your leather seats to discolouration and wear and tear.

However, purchasing canvas cloth for your custom car seat covers is better to protect the leather upholstery. You will keep your leather seats looking new when you may decide to sell your 4×4 truck down the road.

Custom Car Seat Covers: Canvas

Meanwhile, canvas 4×4 seat covers are more affordable than leather without compromising the material’s durability and flexibility.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing custom car seat covers:

● Comfortable — Canvas is made with Australian weather in mind. You do not mind even if your car has been sitting under the scorching sun because the material will not burn the seat of your pants.

● Firmer grip — Leather’s most glaring weakness is canvas’ greatest strength. With the 4×4 seat covers, you can go off-roading without worrying about wearing a pair of pants that offer traction to reduce drag when you sit on leather.

● Durable — Canvas is highly durable even if you have small kids around who love nothing more than to cause chaos inside your vehicle. They would need a sharp blade even to cause damage to the fabric.

●  Affordable — Canvas is generally cheaper than leather or even vinyl. Meanwhile, Canvas Seat Cover Company’s custom car seat covers are very reasonable, and we can create packages that fit your budget.

Of course, canvas 4×4 seat covers have their share of downsides, including:

●      Tendency to stain — Compared to leather, the canvas is more prone to stains. However, you can easily use dish washing liquid mixed with bleach and water to clean most stains.

●      Prone to absorb odour — Apart from stain, the canvas can become smelly if not properly maintained.

●      Rough on the skin — Stock fabrics can be pretty harsh on the skin, but our custom car seat covers are made of premium materials, so you do not worry about getting skin burns.

There’s a reason why canvas is the default material used on most workhorses, and that’s because it’s incredibly durable and flexible. In addition, our 4×4 seat covers are bespoke to all truck models, so they will slide in snugly, wrapping your stock upholstery like a glove.