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If you’ve been on the fence about investing in car seat covers, there are probably a bunch of questions rolling around in your head making you hesitate. Of course, you could just go out to your nearest automobile accessories shop and pick up a set of universal seat covers for your car, ute, 4×4 or truck. But buying any kind of vehicle is a significant expense, and you likely want to keep it looking as good as new for as long as possible. So, to help you achieve your goal of maintaining your vehicle, we get into some of the questions we are most often asked by our customers before they come around:

Why is a seat cover important?

Over time, your vehicle’s seats will undergo a lot of wear and tear from water spills, food stains, discolouration due to the harsh Australian sun, and microscopic tears on the fabric due to dust, debris and other particles. Seat covers protect the original seats of your vehicle from damage, preserving its resale value. Additionally, our seat covers are also easier to clean than car seats. When they get visibly soiled (especially when you have kids or pets), simply pull them off and hand wash them with a mild detergent then hang them up to air dry and your seat covers will be good as new.

What is the toughest seat cover material?

Canvas, a heavy-duty fabric designed to withstand the hardest lifestyles, is perhaps the toughest material for seat covers. Ideal for high-traffic environments, such as in vehicles used by tradies or construction workers, or for individuals with small children or pets, The Canvas Seat Cover Company’s seat covers are highly water, rot, mildew and UV resistant. They are also made using rip-stop technology which prevents tearing.

Our seat covers are also available in our 5 SEASONS denim range, the fabric of which is 460 GSM (645 GSM with super backing) woven from 100% cotton yarn. This range is perfect for everyday wear and tear and has superior abrasion resistance, waterproofing, UV protection and soil-release treatment.

Are car seat covers safe with airbags?

Although most seat covers are safe with almost all models of vehicles, if your vehicle has seat-side airbags, you should not use seat covers unless they are clearly labelled as airbag compatible. If you’re unsure about the safety of your seat covers, get in touch with one of our representatives to confirm if they are right for your model.

Do seat covers fit all cars?

At The Canvas Seat Cover Company, all our seat covers are custom designed for each vehicle model. So whether you’re looking for a 4×4 seat cover or bus, truck seat cover or car, you can rest assured that your seat cover will fit snugly over your seats. 

Unable to find your vehicle’s model on our Product Selector? Talk to our representatives about whether we can customise one for you.

How do you put on a seat cover?

Head on over to our Seat Fitment page for a step-by-step guide to putting on your canvas seat cover, or watch our helpful YouTube video on the right way to install your seat cover.

Which colour seat cover is best for my car?

The right seat cover will depend largely upon the exterior of your car. However, some of our most popular colours include neutral colours like black, brown, grey or our two-toned canvas range.

Will seat covers ruin my leather seats?

There’s no reason why seat covers would ruin any material. On the contrary, seat covers are designed to protect any material they’re placed over. Our canvas seat covers are water and moisture resistant, scratch and tear-resistant, UV resistant and guaranteed to last. 

What is the best seat cover material for hot weather?

Canvas seat covers are designed to be highly waterproof, and because of their tightly woven strands, do not allow much air to circulate. If you’re looking for a breathable fabric that is great for the hotter weather, denim is a much better option. Our denim seat covers are woven from 100% cotton yarn and are perfect for all seasons. They are excellent for everyday wear and tear and also have super abrasion resistance, waterproofing, UV protection and soil-release treatment to make them sturdy and long-lasting.

Are custom seat covers truly better than universal seat covers?

Certainly! While universal seat covers use a one-size-fits all approach, custom seat covers are designed to fit your vehicle exactly. This means no unsightly or uncomfortable bunching of fabric, no sliding around because the cover is too loose and no tearing because it is so tight. When you buy with The Canvas Seat Cover Company, you know you’re going to get a product made true to size.