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Bus Seat Covers

When buying seat covers for a school bus, coach, shuttle bus or any other kind of bus, it is important for them to be comfortable, durable but also attractive. Regardless of what they are being used for, your bus seats are likely to see a lot of use, which is why it is so important for you to make the right choice when selecting bus seat covers. Here are a few tips to help you make your decision:

Getting the right fit

Getting covers that fit snugly over your bus seats is a necessity, as ill-fitting covers can bunch and wrinkle in places and look unsightly. They are also uncomfortable and could even tear if the cover chosen is too small for the seat and is stretched to its limits. There is also a risk of it coming off if it is too big for the seat, which can lead to it getting lost or a passenger taking it with them. Then you’ll be one cover short!

Instead, choose from The Canvas Seat Cover Company’s range of custom made bus seat covers that are specially designed for each model. Because of their custom nature, they guarantee a snug fit, which means your seat covers are held firmly in place to minimize uncomfortable bunching and wrinkling of the fabric.

Choosing heavy-duty seat covers

Another important factor to consider when choosing seat covers for your bus is their strength and durability. Regardless of the type of bus or coach you drive, whether you’re shuttling kids off to school or tourists around the city on a guided tour, your bus seats are going to see a lot of wear and tear. It is important for your seat covers to be able to withstand long, heavy use.

Our canvas seat covers are designed to last. The high thread count and ripstop technology prevent the tough fabric from tearing easily or getting damaged, making it perfect for commercial applications.

Easy-to-clean and maintain

The stop and start motion of the bus may cause passengers to spill food and drinks on the seats, and with children, this risk is always at a high. Dirty, stained and sticky seats are a huge turn-off and could lead to a bad customer experience and ultimately bad reviews for the service you are providing.

Investing in bus seat covers that are water and stain-resistant doesn’t have to be hard. Canvas is an easy fabric to clean, is waterproof and rot and mildew resistant. Simply wipe off any spills as they happen, or quickly hand wash your covers in a mild detergent at the end of the week to keep them looking good as new.


Exposure to the harsh Australian sun, especially in the summers can make your seats lose their colour and look dull and faded. Faded, muted seats may even make a new bus look old, and will have a negative impact on the passengers sitting on them. And when you make a major investment into a bus, you want your seats to look good as new for as long as possible.

Fortunately, all of our canvas seat covers options are completely UV-resistant, which means they won’t fade for much longer than standard seat covers, even under harsh weather conditions. Because they have been specifically designed to withstand rough and tough use, they make a perfect fabric to use for your bus seats.

Excellent protection for your bus seats

The most important purpose of seat covers is to protect the seats that actually came with the bus in the first place. While seat covers are relatively easy and inexpensive to replace, original car seat fabric may come with a hefty price tag if you need to get them replaced in case of fabric tearing or stains and spots. This is a major reason why people choose to protect their original seats with bus seat covers.

About The Canvas Seat Cover Company

At The Canvas Seat Cover Company, we pride ourselves on our ability to fit any kind of vehicle, from buses to utes, cars to trucks to even tractors. Whether you need to get your entire bus fitted with new seats or just want the driver seat’s cover to be replaced, we have what you need. With over 20 years in business, we are one of Australia’s market leaders when it comes to protecting car seats. Offering custom made seat covers to fit snugly over the seats of most car models, we also ensure your airbags are able to deploy without facing any obstruction.

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