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4×4 Canvas Seat Covers

You love getting out and about. Whether you are into going bush, hard core 4×4, rock climbing, fishing, motocross, mountain biking, bushwalking, camping or any other cool adventure you need to know that your valuable vehicle seating is safe with our high quality 4×4 canvas seat covers. You don’t want to be having to loose valuable time on your activities to constantly change clothes or slow down to check you are clean. A set of 4wd seat covers will allow you to move in and out of your vehicle without the worry about damaging them and costing yourself hard earnt cash on repair or replacement. Good clean, undamaged seating has a big impact of trade in and resale values.

4wd Seat Covers
4x4 Seat Covers
4x4 Canvas Seat Covers

Move freely in and out of your vehicle without the worry of damaging your valuable seating. Get on
with your work, your play or just getting through your day without the need to worry about dirt, water,
mud, food and wear and tear.

Please take a second to see why many companies are choosing our team to service their cover needs.

Want your logo on your covers? Yes, want high volume or just one set? Yes, want it fast? Yes, is our team awesome and here to help? Yes!

Our Canvas – Canvas Seat Covers are comfortable? Unlike cheap vinyl and plastic fabrics, canvas seat covers won’t stick to your skin. Thanks to years of experience and careful fabric selection The Canvas Seat Cover Company have found the right balance between wear and comfort. It’s hard wearing, water resistant, non-slip and durable. Other Fabrics – Quality vinyls, Ultra-leather, Denim or fully custom to your specifications.

Weight – Both 8 and 12 ounce canvas available as standard. Or to your specification.

Colour – Our main colours are Grey, Charcoal, Black, Brown and Green. However if you have a special need we can facilitate other colours and other fabrics too.

Durable – Canvas Seat Covers are durable? We lab test to make sure! Canvas Seat Covers are designed to withstand the extremes of our climate and the harshest treatment you can deliver. Your custom-made Canvas Seat Covers will resist the effects of heat, dust, mud, dirt, spills and water; and remain largely unaffected by frequent use and neglect. Your Canvas Seat Covers are made tough to protect and prolong the life of your original car seats. They last many times longer than traditional seat covers which means your Canvas Seat Covers are a good investment and ideal for all of your commercial, recreational and family vehicles.

Double Walled – Double the Canvas where it counts. The high wear areas on the outer sides of the seat base and seat back have two layers of canvas to further extend the life of your covers even in the harshest of environments.

Great Fit – Canvas Seat Covers are tight-fitting? Because Canvas Seat Covers are custom made for each model, you are guaranteed a snug fit over your original seats. Our superior designs and exacting attention to detail ensure your Canvas Seat Covers hold their shape. This means your Canvas Seat Covers are held firmly in place to eliminate uncomfortable and unsightly wrinkling and bunching of fabric.

Looking Good – Canvas Seat Covers are attractive? – Canvas Seat Covers are an attractive alternative to the inferior traditional materials which stretch and fade with use. Canvas Seat Covers are manufactured with custom patterns and designs, and then snugly fitted to your vehicle to remain firmly in place and resist wear in high-use areas; adding to the long-term enjoyment of your Custom Canvas Seat Covers.

Embroidery – In house capability. Have your company logo, therefore, promoting your company, not ours.

Australian Made – All our seat covers are Australian made. Manufactured in Yatala, Queensland.

Lead Time – 3 day turn around for small orders. Bulk orders by negotiation.

Warranty – All covers come with an 18 month warranty against either material or manufacturing defect.

Air Bag – Air bag models available.

Our Service – Products delivered on time, to the right location, to the right quality, every time.

Experience the comfort and appreciate the quality of custom-made Canvas Seat Covers. Call in to your nearest showroom, or visit our factory for a personal viewing. Sizes to fit most popular makes and models are immediately available as we manufacture Canvas Seat Covers for a wide variety of commercial vehicles, 4 x 4’s, light trucks and family cars. If we don’t have the part you want our team can create new patterns in a day or two. (Subject to volume)