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About Us

The first thing to know is that we are passionate about helping you protect your seating. The best way for us to do that is to be awesome at what we do. We provide high quality seat covers online for 4×4 cars, utes, trucks, buses and tractors to help you protect your seats.

With over 20 years in business, The Canvas Seat Cover Company is one of the Australian market leaders and specialist in the design and manufacture of seat protection for some of the biggest names in the automotive, heavy transport and marine industries. In line with our customers’ demands we have developed and grown our product base, and we have earned a trusted reputation for producing the highest quality products, on time every time, at value for money.

Our 20 employees pride themselves on in-country design and manufacture from our modern and automated facility in Victoria, Australia. Our products are backed by in-house technical assurance and 100% quality inspection.

For over 20 years The Canvas Seat Cover Company has
been supplying Canvas Seat Covers to the OEM and
Wholesale motoring industry.

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Our Process

Our deep yearn to satisfy our customer has driven The Canvas Seat Cover Company to forge industry leading processes and systems. By collecting valuable end user feedback at all phases of development we ensure that the product is right on target with customer expectations. Our automation and manufacturing systems backed with 100% quality inspection ensure we get the best product to you on time.

Canvas Seat Cover Design - Scanning

Quality design leads to quality seat covers

Design Our Product and Process Development Team custom design each product with precision and care. They utilise state-of-the-art design software, SolidWorks, ExactFlat and scanning technology to design our range of products. 15 years of patterning by our lead designers enable a mix of technology and old fashion handmade skills to combine for the best outcome.

Because Canvas Seat Covers are custom made for each model, you are guaranteed a snug fit over your original seats. Our superior designs and exacting attention to detail ensure your Canvas Seat Covers hold their shape. This means your custom made canvas seat covers are held firmly in place to eliminate uncomfortable and unsightly wrinkling and bunching of fabric.

Canvas Seat Covers - Cutting
Cutting Our cutting departments utilises the latest in fabric cutting technology. Pathfinder, Gerber and Aristo cutting machines ensure the most accurately cut seat cover panels possible with specially placed marks to allow accurate, efficient and effective sewing. Having the correctly selected stitch and thread makes all the difference when it comes to strength and longevity of your seat covers.

Canvas Seat Covers - Sewing Sewing Our highly experienced professional sewers use all types of sewing machines. Single and twin needle machines for assembly. Multi head machines for high quality embroidery that will help promote your business. Our team has experience in all types of fabric; canvas, vinyl, ultra-leather and leather.

Canvas Seat Covers - Quality Quality The Canvas Seat Cover Company prides itself on always delivering the best in class quality. All parts are 100% inspected against quality check points within our quality control tools. Our 18 month warranty ensures that you the customer have plenty of time to put the covers to test, knowing that if anything isn’t just right we will get it replaced and or repaired right away.