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Denim Seat Covers

Swapping the jungle for the urban jungle? Protect your seats from your action packed adventures be they in the city or further afield with our denim seat covers.

Denim Seat Covers

Great looking Denim seat covers

They look so nice you might feel you need a cover for your seat cover! If you don’t want or need the extra toughness and waterproofness of the poly-cotton fabrics then denim seat cover is a great option. Our denim (Twill) is 408 GSM, woven from 100% cotton yarn. The softest looking cover in our range.

Great protection against everyday normal wear and tear.

Denim Seat Covers Australia

Denim Seat Covers Online in Australia

Custom works better

Utilising state-of-the-art design software, SolidWorks, ExactFlat and scanning technology to design our range of products allows our Product and Process Development Team to accurately custom design each product with precision and care. With over 25 years of patterning experience our lead designers enable a mix of technology and old fashion handmade skills to combine for the best outcome.

Because Denim Seat Covers are custom made for each model, you are guaranteed a snug fit over your original seats. Our superior designs and exacting attention to detail ensure your Canvas Seat Covers hold their shape.