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4x4 seat covers

Previously, heading down to your local auto parts or accessories store and picking up a universal car seat cover in one of the standard colours of grey, black or brown was the only way to buy car or 4×4 seat covers. And if it didn’t fit your seats as well as it should and started bunching up because it was so tight, or moving around because it was too loose, too bad! You didn’t have many other options unless you were willing to fork over an exorbitant amount of money to get them custom made.

Today, the world has changed, and the advent of online custom car seat manufacturers and sellers like The Canvas Seat Cover Company have made it easy to get custom seat covers for all kinds of vehicles at an extremely affordable rate. Made from high quality materials like canvas and denim, our seat covers are designed for comfort and durability, allowing you to not only protect your original seats from all kinds of damage, but also to enjoy them for years to come.

To help you buy seat covers online, we have compiled a list of things to consider when choosing 4×4 seat covers:

Getting the right size

One of the most important considerations to think about when selecting seat covers online is their size. Many times, people make the mistake of buying universal seat covers. Although easier to access, universal seat covers are often ill-fitting, resulting in the unsightly bunching of fabric or they might keep moving around if they are too loose. On the other hand, covers that are too tight may rip when putting them on or due to everyday movements.

To select the right size for your 4×4, car, tractor, bus or ute, head on over to our Product Selector page, and select the Make, Model, Badge/Mark, whether your vehicle is Single/Dual/Extra/Van and the Manufacture Year. All of our seat covers are custom made according to the model of the car, which is why we can safely guarantee that as long as you make the right selection, your seat covers will fit your seats like a second glove. Can’t find your model? Give us a call, shoot us an email or use the Contact Us page to send us a message and we might be able to pattern it for you if we don’t currently have seat covers in your model.

Getting the right material

The material you choose for your vehicle’s seat covers will depend largely upon how you use your vehicle. For the avid traveller and adventurer, or for those in the trades, or even for those who expect their seat covers to undergo a heavy amount of wear and tear, such as from spills by kids or holes from pet nails, it is imperative to choose seat covers in heavy-duty materials like canvas or denim. Both canvas and denim are designed for long-lasting comfort and are highly water, rot, mould and mildew and UV-resistant, ensuring greater strength and better performance for longer.

Our canvas range is woven from blended polyester and cotton yarn and is available in 12-ounce (15-ounce finished) with 525 GSM, 8-ounce (11-ounce finished) with 394 GSM and in rip-stop canvas with 510 GSM. On the other hand, our denim range is woven from 100% cotton yarn and is available in two configurations: 12-ounce with 408 GSM in the standard range, and our Super Backed ‘5 Seasons’ range in 440 GSM (645 GSM finished) with a specially compressed PU foam for added comfort.

Getting the right colour

A concern many people seem to have is that adding seat covers to their vehicle will make it look tacky and cheap. Sure, if you choose the universal seat covers available in only some standard colours like grey or brown and made from low-quality materials, it will become apparent and may make your car look less than ideal. The Canvas Seat Cover Company understands that buying seat covers online is an investment, and pride ourselves on using only the highest-quality materials in many different colour options.

Choose from two-tone canvas or one-tone canvas in colours like black, charcoal, grey, brown, green or denim or even in rip-stop fabric to give your vehicle an aesthetic boost like no other. A darker colour like charcoal or black may be better at hiding stains and spills than lighter ones like grey, so ultimately, the colour you choose depends upon how you’re expecting your seat covers to be used. Have a specific colour in mind for your 4×4 seat covers? Get in touch with us and we might just be able to custom make it for you!

The best part? All of our seat covers are designed to be easy to clean and maintain. They will remain largely unaffected by frequent use, enabling you to go about your day, getting the job done and the adventure had without having to worry about ruining your car seats.