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Whether you’re a fanatic about cars or just a mild enthusiast, there’s no denying that cars and vehicles of all kinds are one of the best inventions of the 19th century. Today, a car has become as much of a necessity as food and water, and even if you don’t own one, you’re likely to be using some form of vehicular transportation to get you from one place to another. 

In this blog, we take a look at some of the weirdest and most wonderful facts about cars you probably didn’t know:

The World’s First Automobile

The first automobile in the world was developed in 1885 by German engineer Carl or Karl Friedrich Benz. If the last name sounds familiar, it’s because Karl Benz, along with businessman Max Rose and trade representative Friedrich Wilhelm Esslinger was the founder of the legendary brand we now know as Mercedes-Benz!

The First Speeding Ticket

Although there is some debate on who the very first recipient of the speeding “ticket” was, the first known instance of a person being fined for speeding was in 1896. The person in question, a Mr Walter Arnold, was driving down Paddock Wood in Kent in the UK at a hair-raising speed of 12km/h, four times above the legal limit at the time!

The first written ticket would be issued some 8 years later to a man named Mr Harry Myers in 1904 speeding down a street in Dayton, Ohio at 19km/h in an area with a limit of 12km/h.

The First Car Accident

The very first automobile accident in the world occurred in Ohio City, Ohio in 1891 by a man named John Lambart as the driver and James Swoveland as the passenger. The car Lambart was driving was more of a three-wheeled horseless carriage, where the front wheel was used to steer the car. Lambart lost control of the car by hitting a tree root and crashed into a hitching post. Luckily, the car didn’t have the power to speed and so there were no major injuries. But this accident prompted Lambart (who was the creator of the car he was driving) to add safety features to his car, such as adding doors!

The First Automobile Race

The very first automobile race was in 1895. Can you guess what the speed of the winning car was? An astounding 24km/h!

The First 4×4 Drive

The very first four wheel drive was invented in 1903, a mere 20 years after the invention of the car. However, the term ‘4×4’ was first used for North American military vehicles in the 1940s.

Parking Time

Did you know that the average car spends around 95% of its lifetime parked?

Popular Colours

The most popular colour for cars is white. An Australian study revealed that white cars are 10% less likely to be involved in an accident, while colours that are considered less popular are less likely to be stolen than those with mainstream colours. Even crooks have preferences!

No Dirty Cars

In Russia, you could be fined up to 2,000 rubles (A$44) for driving around in a dirty car! Heavy-duty canvas seat covers sure would come in handy here, wouldn’t they?

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

It would take you almost six months of constant driving at 100km/h to reach the moon. In contrast, it would take just over 17 days to travel around the Earth at its widest part at the same speed! And what about the sun? If you have about 177 years to spare, you just might be able to make it!

How Many Cars?

About 30 years ago, in 1986, there were about 500 million cars in the world. In contrast, there are currently 1.42 billion cars in operation today!

Women Truckers

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2021, only about 2.9 percent of truck drivers are women.

Highest Total Mileage

Imagine driving around the Earth 130 times. That’s how much the highest total mileage ever clocked by a single car was: 4.89 million kilometers! This astounding world record is held by a man named Irv Gordon in a P1800 Volvo.

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