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Many people are inclined to assume that there is little reason to buy covers for their car seats and that they will hold up just fine on their own. However, no matter how hard you try to take care of them, as time passes it can be difficult to avoid spills and dirt, not to mention things out of your control such as damage from pets or the sun. This can result in the fabric of your seats fading, feeling less comfortable and even ripping or tearing. One of the best ways to prevent this is investing in a car seat cover.

At the Canvas Seat Cover Company, we can offer covers that both offer maximum protection for your seats, and is also able to enhance the look of your car’s interior while also hiding previous damage. They are an easy way to keep your vehicle looking brand new on the inside.  Providing maximum protection to your car seats, offering a custom look for your interior, and hiding existing damage to your seats, these covers are an excellent way to ensure your vehicle looks clean and pristine on the inside. Read the guide below to understand why seat covers are important, and how to choose the right ones for your vehicle. 

Take better care of your car

While most people put a lot of effort into cleaning the outside of their car, the inside can often be forgotten. This is because, if you make a mess of your seats, getting into the car to be able to clean them can be a real pain. Not only is it uncomfortable, but you might not even have the right cleaning supplies on hand, and if there are crumbs or pet hair you will even need to vacuum the inside of the car as well. There is also the inevitable sun damage that every seat is in danger of, and that is nearly impossible to prevent without covering up your original car seats.

This is why investing in a long-term solution like a canvas seat cover is crucial. Not only does it provide a protective barrier from the sun, but it also is much easier to clean than your original car seats because the covers can be removed and cleaned outside of the car if there is any sort of serious stain. They can even be hand washed in your sink! This is why canvas covers for utes are one of the best ways to keep the inside of your car looking brand new with much less effort. 

Custom vs universal

When covers are classified as universal, this means that they are sized generally and not designed for any specific vehicle type. While these can be easy to find, as each car is different and has different seats, it means that universal covers will often be too large or too small for your seats. Even if you do manage to find a set that fits, it still won’t be a precise fit and will end up making your interior looks sloppy and can be more uncomfortable to sit on if there are any folds or bulging of fabric. If the cover is too small, you might even start seeing rips and tears after using them for a short time.

At the Canvas Seat Cover Company, we offer custom-made seat covers that are designed to be the perfect size for your existing seats. There is no reason to worry about the possibility of bunched fabric, rips tears, loosening seams or a generally unsightly fit. The covers that you purchased from us will always be well-fitting, high quality and incredibly comfortable, designed to both protect your seats and improve the appearance of your car’s interior. 

Choosing your materials

  • Denim – A material that is well known for its long-lasting strength and durability, the same way that a good pair of jeans are incredibly comfortable and will last you for years to come, denim covers will do the same for your car seats. This range is designed to last years and only get better with use, this is a great option if you are looking for a soft seat cover that is incredibly durable and waterproof, then the Canvas Seat Cover Company’s 100% cotton yarn denim seat covers are for you. 
  • Canvas Seat Covers – Another great choice for those with active lifestyles and looking for a seat cover with hard-wearing and long-lasting properties. This fabric type can withstand wet and dry weather, while also being resistant to spills. On top of its hard-wearing nature, the canvas is also incredibly comfortable and will make your car’s interior look clean and aesthetically pleasing. So if you have kids, pets, or both, this car seat cover is an ideal option.

So if you are looking for an easy way to take better care of the interior of your car. Considering checking out some of our canvas covers for utes for a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing solution.